What our clients and startups say.

August 2017

Pathwize is genuinely committed to the practical experience and emotional journey of an individual as they progress through an Accelerator Program, and they have the technical expertise to provide valued advice for startups.

Quote Source / liza noonan, director csiro



Pathwize CEO, Tristonne Forbes, played a key role in developing a business model that not only responded to the market, but also gave potential investors confidence.

Quote Source / RAPID AIM



Tristonne is an engaging and entertaining presenter combining a wealth of start-up and business knowledge to make Pathwize content informative, relevant and entertaining. Tristonne has an excellent rapport with all Runway’s start-ups and is very well regarded by all.

Quote Source / PETER DOSTIS

MARCH 2017

I have worked closely with Pathwize CEO Tristonne Forbes. We’ve been Lennon and McCartney (or Laurel and Hardy) developing and delivering kick-ass content all over the country for people like the CSIRO. I love watching Tristonne work because she has lived the Pollenizer belief that anyone can be an entrepreneur, not just noisy blokes in threadless t-shirts.

Quote Source / Phil Morle